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Russell Attwood


Since 2008 Pyxis Services has continually set high standards in successfully executing multiple improvement projects.
This has realised exceptional outcomes for our clients.

A new collaboration is here. Attwood Consulting and Pyxis Services are set to continue servicing the industrial and resource sectors together.

Russell Attwood is leading the experienced team with the established and proven Pyxis Services approach; a commitment that ensures a solid up-front, back-to-basics approach to assist clients with SAP support, maintenance improvement and planning.

Support for WA’s South West

Our team is Bunbury based and highly experienced. Available to provide support to your SAP and maintenance system related needs; Short or long term roles, Available at short notice, Skilled in SAP.

SAP PM Master Data

We specialise in SAP Planned Maintenance (PM) data creation and management; Functional Location and Equipment structures, Maintenance Plan, Item & Task list creation, Bills of Materials (BOMs) & Cataloguing, Classification & Characteristics.

Project & Maintenance Planning

If you need work planned, scheduled and managed through execution, we have the personnel and experience to deliver; Project Schedule creation and Project Management, Weekly & Shutdown Maintenance planning.

Strategy Development & Operational Readiness

Develop maintenance strategies, Implement the SAP data to support the strategy, Identify and catalogue critical and operational spares.

Procedure & Work Instruction Creation

We have talented document writers who can; Create clear and simple to understand work procedures, Develop graphics to support maintenance activities – the right picture does paint a 1000 words.


PYXIS Services specialises in a range of SAP Consulting Services and Maintenance Improvement Programs.


The Pyxis Services technical team are very experienced tradespeople, operators, supervisors, superintendents and engineers.
Our technical team includes:

  • Mechanical Specialists
  • Electrical Specialists
  • Operations Specialists


The technical team are supported by professional technical document writers / illustrators with extensive experience developing technical documentation to support maintenance processes.

  • Image management to suit existing formats and templates
  • Professional Photographic Service
  • Technical Illustration
  • Aerial Photography

Maintenance Improvement Methodology

The Pyxis Services methodology focuses on getting the BASICS right.
The BASICS consist of:

Plant Operating and Maintenance Strategy

(the basis for all the SAP Plans)

  • An agreed and documented plant operating strategy exists.
  • Commitment from all stakeholders to execute the agreed strategy.

Registered Classified Plant Compliance

Eg: pressure vessels, safety relief valves, lifting equipment, pullwire switches, radiation devices, high voltage, etc...

  • Ensure the systems and processes are in place to demonstrate statutory compliance.
  • Registered classified plant register.
  • Supporting hard copy documentation and systems.
  • Active compliance maintenance plans in SAP.
  • Compliance reporting.

Lubrication Routes

  • Effective lubrication routes exist and are functional.
  • Lubrication register is accurate and current.
  • Routes are executed effectively out of SAP plans.

Condition Monitoring

  • A comprehensive program exists.
  • Routes are executed effectively out of SAP Plans.

Operator Rounds

  • Daily check sheets for all equipment (look / listen / housekeeping) set up in route order.
  • Implemented and reviewed by supervisors.

Maintenance Online Inspections

  • High frequency (normally weekly) mechanical / electrical running inspections (look / listen / feel / adjust).
  • Implemented and reviewed by Supervisors.

Maintenance Offline Tasks

  • Detailed offline inspections based on OEM recommendations.
  • Plans built in SAP as per the agreed operating strategy for that plant.

SAP Master Data

  • Functional locations, equipment and bills of materials (BOMs).
  • Maintenance task lists, items and plans.

Asset Management


Document Philosophy

PYXIS Services are unique in their pursuit of complete document management. Simplicity and repeatability are keys to its success.

We focus skills where they are best suited. We do not initially improve a process or task, only document the baseline agreed method process.

Our belief is that from a solid platform improvements can be built upon and measured. Facilitated by experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) an efficient document review process creates a Continuous Improvement Loop that keeps them current and encourages them to become an active reference document.

The tutorials we create become tools for implementing the improvement methodology that will ensure the documents are in fact used, and the material contained in them is communicated regularly to the entire workforce.

The documentation becomes an important integral part of every task and is seen as value adding by the end users.

Asset Management


Pyxis delivers high standard documentation to support all implementations.
Content is always proven before final delivery.
High quality graphics, image editing and associated document templates are all standard for the Pyxis Services proven methodology.

Online Inspections

  • Route based Operator / Maintenance inspections.

Maintenance Offline / Outage Tasks

  • Detailed safe work instructions,
  • Shutdown Information packs.

Statutory Compliance

  • Registered Classified Plant Inspections,
  • Radiation Devices,
  • Pull Wire inspections.

Safety Documentation & Training Material

  • Special Tools,
  • Equipment Training – Conveyors / Hydraulic Packs etc.

Posters, Boards and Info-graphics

Info-graphics are designed print-ready for any required purpose.

  • Site Layouts,
  • Process flow diagrams,
  • Condition Monitoring boards,
  • Site booklets.


  • Lubrication,
  • Pulley and roller,
  • Filters,
  • Scrapers,
  • HV Maintenance.

... and graphics

Asset Management

consulting process

Off-site Work

The Pyxis Services’ head office is in Bunbury, Western Australia. Our specialists split their time on and off-site.

Off-site work consists of building plans / structures / BOMs in SAP, creating and developing documentation, technical graphics, image editing and content review.

On-site Work

Equal time is spent on-site for a comprehensive team presence across shifts to allows for:

SAP Consultants
  • Liaison with the superintendents, supervisors and maintenance teams to build relationships with stake holders at all levels.
  • Access to client resources, practice standards and equipment information and systems – key factors in achieving project accuracy and success.
  • Targeting key maintenance events, to record and develop documents that include safety, equipment and location factors.


The health and safety of our employees is central to Pyxis Service’s operations.

Pyxis has a 100 % safety record achieving zero harm across all sites.

Our team works with your staff to identify risks and the mitigating controls, incorporating these safe and preferred methods into all instructions, inspections and standard documentation.

Our graphics and photography are edited to enhance and reinforce the safety message.

Asset Management

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We are a Bunbury based Western Australian company, focusing our efforts on SAP support and maintenance expertise in the South West region. We will also consider opportunities to provide the proven PYXIS SERVICES methodology for clients anywhere throughout Australia and international locations.
For more information or questions about our services or employment opportunities, please contact us.

Unit 1/13 Rose Street Bunbury, WA 6230 Australia

Web: www.attwoodconsulting.com.au